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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

Wednesday I welcome you.

I deleted all the messengers off my computer this morning; I just don’t care to chat with anyone anymore. I had one really good friend I thought and I kept this one messenger just for her and I to chat. Well last time I chatted with her, she went off telling me her hubby cheating and all about the kids and on and on , me sitting here reading and believing and about to boohoo for her when she goes APRIL FOOLS; we really not getting divorced or in therapy , none of it was true.

I was shocked:

I won’t be gullible like that again; really friends on this computer are face less with no feelings. So I don’t want to chat with anyone and deleted them messengers. Well except that msn one I will have to do a little more to kill it, but I will later today.

Friends are non-existent. The only friend I have is my doggie.

Have you seen the PINK video ‘Stupid Girls’? It is kool I will have to get that CD. ONM, I have it. lol But the video is cool.

There it is the perfect song:

Daniel Powter ‘Bad Day’ -à Kool Video also. You know this is the song they play for the off voted American Idol’s?

Ok off for a Wednesday.