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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 

... To Teach or Not to Teach ...

Did I tell you I am going to College full-time and I work part-time? I started school to get out of the house in hopes it would help my depression. My doctor knew I Love working on the computer and suggested I go for something in that area.

Well I started College for something in computers and the advisors suggest Technology. Of course as I continue my education I see a change in me. I want to be more, I want to help others and still work with computers.

Don’t laugh but I would like to be a Teacher. You’re laughing aren’t you? I know; I too have moments when I am wound tight and I know I will be a great teacher. I even took the Myers Brigg Test with recommendation of one of my College Teachers and it showed Teaching on my career list and my personality is a guardian.

Then days like today I begin to wonder. Will my students see this way I am? Will I be able to suppress this as I am in front of students on a regular basis?

4:02 P.M. My daughter is home from school now and I wonder what have I taught her. How can I pursue a Teaching career when I don’t teach my daughter? W hen my daughter was two, she followed me everywhere, then I went to bed one night and woke up to her being 9 years old. I honestly don’t remember that in-between with her. I slept a lot, my doctor had me on meds for Thyroid and depression and stress, shoot I know I slept during the day, and night. I would get up for short periods and then go back to bed. My mother-in-law kept my daughter sometimes and I am thankful for her.

I feel terrible about that and I have tried to make up for all that negative I have placed in her life by being the best mom I can be now. I spend as much time with her as I can and she will allow me. She is eleven; soon to be twelve she has moments when she doesn’t want to be around mom or dad.

… Session time over …

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