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Monday, March 27, 2006 

... Chihuahua ...

I wanted to share about my Fur-kid with you because I honestly believe GOD put her in my life to keep me a cheer.

She is a Long-Haired Chihuahua. She turned one on Feb.1st and she is only three lbs, little more or little less that is as big as she will get. Now she and I can get bigger in the middle but that is it.

She is my treasure, my peace at the end of a day. She gives me unconditional love and reminds me life is short & simple and to stay calm. She gets me outside when I want to stay in - and is with me when everyone else is off busy. I am never alone.

You know you are never truly alone because GOD is always with us, but we forget- I think because we can not touch Him - so we feel alone and get depressed… But I believe GOD is using my Fur-kid to reach me. Think about it for a moment, GOD would use us humans more if we would listen to him. But we get so busy we can’t hear him, but animals hear him and praise him constantly. So he can work through them to reach us.

I see you looking at me like I am crazy. But you can’t tell me that you sit down with your doggie, cat or bunny rabbit and you pet them and hug them and you don’t begin to feel calm, relaxed and overall better.

Not crazy at all...I know when I take the time to pet our cat, it's very relaxing. I just need to remind myself to do it more often.

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